The other night, right in front of my eyes on our back porch, I saw
that virtue comes in all sizes: A racing line of ants was stampeding up one
of our 8-foot support columns. Nose to heel, in perfect formation, the ants
were disappearing into our roof!

Half-way up the column, a distinctly smaller ant was suddenly knocked out
of line. Instantly, the racing hoard closed ranks, leaving the poor, little, wounded
fellow off to the side.

A few seconds later one, and only one, of the ant battalion, broke ranks to
help his fellow ant. To my amazement, he carefully lifted the small ant’s front
legs, pulling them forward and upright. Then he moved to the back legs,
gently nudging the back legs forward. No results! But he didn’t give up. He
kept on, persevering with careful effort.

Suddenly, the injured little ant could stand! Then, waiting for a razor thin space, the
“ant of virtue” muscled the two of them back into the line and they were both
off to the races again!

What a lesson for us earthlings! It takes just one — one caring soul — to help
keep another earthling who’s been cast aside, in the race: A little lifting of
the legs, a little tug of encouragement, a word of comfort or confidence, and
a helping hand… we can move our fellow earthling forward again in hope and
expectancy toward a brighter future.

“Three cheers” for the lowly ant who showed me that
“virtue comes in all sizes!”

Until next time, blessings
to YOU.