About The Author

Marjorie DeckerChristian Mother Goose® has charmed the hearts and minds of children around the world for over 25 years. Marjorie Ainsborough Decker’s inspirational adaptations of the Classic Mother Goose rhymes capture the imagination and hopeful expectation of a child’s developing mind.

With thoughtful sensitivity for the spirit and rhythmn of the original verse, Marjorie has adapted classic Mother Goose rhymes and given them an appealing inspirational message.

Born and raised in Liverpool, England, Marjorie enjoyed exploring the European roots of Old Mother Goose. Recognizing the increasing need to plant young fertile minds with seeds of truth, beauty and love, Marjorie began writing delightful Christian adaptations of these rhymes – a collection now known by millions as the Christian Mother Goose® Book.

Christian Mother Goose rides again.

Mrs. Decker is regarded as an important forerunner in the rise and success of Christian children’s book titles. Her Christian Mother Goose® Books were the first childrens’ books ever to top the Christian Booksellers Association’s Adult Bestseller List.

The Christian Mother Goose® Series truly brings fresh enthusiasm and dynamic teaching to sound Biblical scholarship. Mrs. Decker is a frequent conference speaker to adults, a recording artist, and a guest of national network television and radio.

Marjorie Decker is recognized by the Christian Booksellers Association as one the “Top Ten Bestselling Authors of The Decade” along with Dr. James Dobson. Yes, from Bible stories to Christian Mother Goose® Rhymes, Marjorie is a Classic Storyteller!